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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 28, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> is a technique. three, two, one. oh, oh. >> what have you got? what are you doing? >> this is a great shop. >> you guys are completely insane. i love it. ♪
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>> tara you were in the bronx at the site of the home explosion that has taken the life of a battalion fire chief. fire chief. what have you got? >> it's a sad day. new york city is mourning the loss of one of our greatest. michael fahey at the 19th battalion was killed in an explosion while the fdny responded to calls of the gas leak on tuesday morning. the veteran was struck by part of the ref that lou off the private home here at 300 west 20034 street along with the loss of the father of three the city is praying for the nine other firefighters and six police officers injured here today. they were in the kingsbridge section of the bronx with a report of gas at 6:20:20 a.m.. when firefighters entered the house they found a reported homemade drug lab.
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the finest in the bravest evacuated the building awaiting the arrival of the structure exploded. he was fatally -- mayor de blasio talked about what a loss this was to our city. >> our hearts go out to the fahey family, family so devoted to the city. michael's father of fire chief before him, a family that has given so much and today made the ultimate sacrifice to the city. >> something that hasn't happened recently the last line of duty for the fdny was july 2014. police commissioner james o'neil did confirm that the house was being investigated as a marijuana grow house. >> a couple of weeks ago we had information that we received and we ran the initial stages of investigation on that block so that will be part of the ongoing investigation as a possible grow house.
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>> residents around here say the focus should be on the life that was lost and how to prevent or in the future. >> i feel like people didn't take it seriously when they smelled gas and when you smell gas you should take it seriously and you should call. i heard people say i smiled at around 5:00 the morning. so call 911. >> two civilians into con-ed workers were heard in the aftermath that is still very active. smoke was billowing out. the smell unavoidable and the feeling is somber in this tightknit community and across the city. the explosion that killed the fdny chief earlier tuesday, 30 four-year old julio alveda was arrested in cliffside new jersey by the task force made up of detectives in and u.s. marshals. he was the man living on 234th street that is being viewed as a
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marijuana grow house. authorities are investigating but what we do know about salcedo is he was there arrested at least five times in the past. >> all right ready? >> check out this video. oh. >> it's crazy. >> i could just watch it over and over again. >> one step further along with the massive meadowlands project. the state agency that approves $1.2 billion in tax-exempt bonds for developers worldwide. i asked state senator mike dougherty if this is a example of crony capitalism. >> malls are closing all over you new jersey and i stated here in new jersey we are giving $1.5 million of free money to this very large private company to complete the small.
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i just think it's outrageous. >> the mystery continues for the family in teaneck new jersey. the four children don't know what's causing them to become weak and helpless. >> no one gets better and sometimes we reach a new normal and we think oh okay this is what we can expect from this disease and then think stumble. we introduced you to her last year. the family was on the hunt for a man because their car can no longer fit them all to get around. today guy -- they got bad than that but they don't have our answers. doctors are unable to diagnose the children with loss of muscle function. >> turn it on hyperspeed. >> look at him go. >> i am accepting where i am and
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can't get any worse than not walking. >> rick is the oldest of the four at 25 constantly pushing forward exercising daily to maintain muscle function and also constantly undergoing more genetic tests. >> the not knowing, the mystery factor of it is not good for me physically and it's not good for me emotionally and it's not good for me psychologically. >> the family says they are getting closer to a diagnosis. >> a dystrophy that is similar to alums muscular dystrophy, there is a problem with collagen building and collagen apparently builds muscles and their something they are lacking or a mutation on the gene. >> in the meantime there's one other thing the family is looking for, new house that can fit in comfortably but also
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safely and they want all of our help in getting it. >> this households them back because they can't get where they need to get. >> i asked michael why would people want to help you get a house? >> we are trying to get by and some people unfortunately have a much harder time than others. and so. >> who is helping these people and where the medical professionals trying to figure out what's wrong? >> right now they will want help with the house. they want a ranch house. right now they have bears and formatting an already build house to their need is difficult. >> do they have a mortgage on his house, did they talk to realtor? they might be able to accomplish that with the -- without extra money. >> they are not asking for money
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but people do working construction can help them in some way and hopefully they are out there willing to step up. >> awesome, thanks. >> a violent video taken in lakewood new jersey a startup a lot of controversy after a black man involved in a car accident was charged with a hate crime and thrown in jail. take a look for yourself. [bleep] [bleep]. >> this happened last wednesday at the intersection of east kennedy boulevard and clifton avenue. partly a car ran to red light causing the crash and that car hit the man you saw cursing. police say the driver who remains in jail is elijah chandler from jackson. [bleep] [bleep]. >> chandler faces number charges including intimidation simple assault and harassment.
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ironically when i spoke with two jewish men at a local bagel shop they told me they want to see the private video. >> i'm not insulted. i think we shall move on. his friend told me he didn't believe the guy should have gone to jail. >> i think maybe something should happen and he should get fired. i am not jealous or anything. while both the jewish men i spoke with said they don't believe there is racial tension in the area i spoke with a worker at the bagel shop who happen to be hispanic and he told me there's a lot of animosity in that area. >> i feel like a certain race in our area has more power than us minorities. >> when i asked him what race he was referring to he said -- he was referring to the jewish men or women area. >> i'm impressed with the jewish
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many talk to the worst thing about the battle. sounds like it's not tension. it sounds like it's an undercurrent of anti-semitism in that area. >> it's new jersey. his road rage. the only color people see is red when they get into a car accident. >> the guy ran a red light and now the car is damaged and yes to deal with insurance and the accident and expenses. the huge hassle. >> a guy that loses his temper like that needs to cool off. maybe going to jail is a good thing. we need to get more people under control. >> mia thompson is a student at hofstra and she was an usher during monday night's debate. i spoke with her from her dorm room. what is it like to be an usher? what did you do during the debate? >> we help people find their seats and understand the layout of the auditorium and stuff like that.
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we asked if we could help the person did to their seed and stuff like that. i saw governor cuomo and governor pence. didn't see governor christie that but i knew he was there on the opposite side and obviously we saw the clintons and the trump family when they walked in. >> orasure impression of the debate? what did you think of trump? >> i want to make america great again. i'm going to be able to do it and they don't believe hillary will. the answer is if she she went so absolute support her. >> i don't think the debate really changed any people. he did not hold up the pressure very well. he had a lot of statements and views that he was asked to defend him instead of defending them he just said they don't exist.
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>> a three roll smoking marijuana in arkansas is sending shockwaves across social media. >> that's enough. >> that's enough. that's enough.
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does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> i can understand why somebody would do that. >> all right. >> three roll smoking marijuana and arkansas is sending shockwaves across social media.
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>> hey, hey that's enough. >> the uncle thought it was so funny uploaded the video to facebook and that little maneuver landed him in jail. yeah,. >> he was charged with endangering the welfare of the mine after authorities found a video while investigating an unrelated issue. who hasn't made their lunch packed it up and then completely forgot it on the way out the door in the morning? and now i have. this korean woman was determined not to let food go to waste. check out this video where she throws the sandwich through her husband's sunroof landing it right in the front seat. bingo. [laughter] >> the bridgegate trial has
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entered its second weekend we have team chaser coverage. diana you are with governor christie today but i would like to start with alex. you are outside the federal courthouse. >> a big moment on the witness stand. david wildstein describing the moment he said he told governor christie about the lane closures of bridgegate while they were going on. take a look at these photos -- photos. they captured the moment of the 9/11 ceremony 2013. bill baroni walk up to the government and said in a sarcastic voice governor there's a tremendous amount of traffic in fort lee. there's a major traffic jam. you will be pleased to hear mayor sockolich should cut his calls returned. governor christie's that i can imagine he wouldn't get his calls returned. they continued to talk to the governor used wildstein's acerbic political bloggers thing i'm sure he wouldn't be involved in anything political. you could practically hear the wink wink in wildstein's testimony. it remains to be seen what this
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does for our perception of the governor's knowledge as he showed up at a 9/11 ceremony already aware of what they were talking about. i want to give you another side to david wildstein. wildstein's house in sarasota florida the house of david wildstein.short after being indicted in may 2015 is $825,000.4000 square feet of luxury. take a look at these three bedrooms tile in the bathroom. there it is and you have no alibi for not using this kitchen. you'll be captured by the grand foyer and inviting interior. watch a prison film in the upstairs indoor theater. there's an indoor pool for year-round entertaining. his center bathrooms including a mezzanine and a jacuzzi outback. wildstein's family has a lot of money due to their rogue company that they have had in livingston for a generation so it's not a surprise that wildstein couldn't fork over $825,000 to buy it.
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the toll payers and port authority while they are going through those files admitted to closing. he's relaxing in sunny florida waiting for the trial to start. >> diane at the juxtaposition with this going on at the courthouse and the governor doing a press conference trying to do everything but talk about bridgegate but he did mention it see nikki did mention about before that he was talking about the addiction crisis in new jersey and joined by former new jersey governor jim mmcgreevey. the two announced a few new initiatives but at the end of the conference that when the real thing happen when christie said this. >> there's all kinds of stuff going on in the courtroom in newark and i want to be really clear. i have not and will not say anything different than i have been saying since january of 2014 no matter what is set up their. i had no knowledge prior to or
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during these lane realignments. >> as you just heard governor christie once again maintaining his innocence in the bridgegate scandal and this comes after some lawmakers have called for the governor to be impeached. clearly he is feeling the tension here but he didn't take any questions from the press. >> i'm not surprised he didn't take questions and i wonder if the pressure starting to get hit him. did david while string -- wildstein match in the governor and detail wonderful idea could be materializing faster? >> it shows the governor's knowledge of what he said was his knowledge at the time must be clear christie has been lying for months if not years and he's an active participant in a cover-up. >> the fact that he does want to answer questions because questions from the press mean that he could screw up and by accident revealed he didn't know >> what is the mood like there?
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>> it was passed. i could barely stand there but he was confident when he was saying it. he didn't have to stand there and take the heat from anybody. >> i like fighting for the underdog. >> what can they do, lock you up? >> he's a cowboy. cowboys love their horses. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> coming up next. >> bill spadea. >> in my face. chasing
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come on... dogs just won't quit. neither does new frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks for a full 30 days. good boy! go for the gold. >> high-speed chase michael. start us off. >> i can only imagine what he has to say. >> check out this video of this kangaroo having some per the paper for lunch and a bathroom stall. the sunday island is near queensland australia. one person to gather phone and decided to take a video of the kangaroo in the bathroom stalls looking at him and eating toilet paper.
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>> a little privacy please? >> over the uk the greater manchester police got a call that a man was fighting a woman on the highway. the police tracked down the video and the couple were in full -- they were extras for a zombie movie. they took a photo and post it on twitter. >> mesmerizing. >> i do believe this life was meant for me. when i'm dead and gone you were wondering, a rambling man. ♪ >> diana you chased a story. a man about a horse. >> staten island lawyer is taking a stand for the cowboys.
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>> i like fighting for the underdog in a lot of cases. i just think he was being treated unfairly. >> what can they do to you? lock you up? >> richard laughman is defending todd doc mischler. the cowboy made famous for this. ♪ ♪ ♪ this was in june when doc rode his horse's. his horses were taken from him by a vet. discovering the forces at bleeding sores. he's being charged with animal cruelty but his lawyer says those charges are baseless. >> the czar show horses. these are go horses and they
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their cowboys. they love their horses. he understands that animal husbandry. keep your horse strong and well fed and then you are not going anywhere. >> you might be wondering why this event took place through a stock doing in new york city with his horses? it turns out it was for charity. doc was making his way across the country to raise awareness for childhood hunger but animal activists say don't be fooled by this. i spoke with chad light. he says -- so he basically is like. >> you want to like this guy and you want to support him because of the stuff he says that he is really taking advantage of people. >> he said he adopted another one of doc sources that he was forced to surrender and he saw first-hand the abuse that these forces encountered. >> you can see his hips in the
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shoulder bones and all of his ribs and he began to realize from people across the country that they had pitchers of similar horses that he was asked to surrender to avoid prosecution or charges for animal neglect. >> as the case that will take place october 19. dock is suing the city wait for it, for $50 million. that's a lot of money. he says the city has unfairly taken his horses and these fighting to get them back. he said the money will go towards fighting heroin addiction in staten island which is a place that has a big problem with heroin. >> where was he going? >> aegis rides. >> he's a cowboy. he is on the road and he just rides. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> something like that. >> we were invited to a contest. >> what are we doing? >> rock paper spadea. rock, paper scissors. rock paper scissor's. >> oh, okay. >> diana, you are out. >> no way. >> and you try the pie on for size? is it bigger than your head? oh. oh, oh. whoa.
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